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Required UC: 3 per episode

Explores the high-pressure experiences of police, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. They must try to balance saving people with solving problems in their own lives.

Creaters: Brad Falchuk, Tim Minear, Ryan Murphy

Actors: Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, Kenneth Choi

    Season 6:

  • S6, Ep18: Pay It Forward   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep17: Love Is in the Air   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep16: Lost and Found   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep15: Death and Taxes   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep14: Performance Anxiety   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep13: Mixed Feelings   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep12: Recovery   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep11: In Another Life   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep10: In a Flash   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep09: Red Flag   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep08: What's Your Fantasy?   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep07: Cursed   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep06: Tomorrow   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep05: Home Invasion   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep04: Animal Instincts   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep03: The Devil You Know   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep02:Crash & Learn free   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep01:et the Games Begin free   EUR   NA
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